full service

On-site product development for efficient communication, to speed up the product development proces and to create products that are functional, lasting and attractive. We strongly believe in a pragmatic and functional approach of developing new products, that comes down to three essential phases : concept, engineering and realization.

Doing this, we like to partner up with our clients, suppliers and network of specialists to create a dynamic and efficient projectteam.



Defining the design directions, lead time and specific requirements , we start with the creative phase of the project and first ideas, sketches and principle solutions are born.


Engineers and suppliers work closely together, creating a product that’s easily producible, has a high quality standard and has a cost price that fits the requirements.


Steketee Design works together with specialized suppliers  for one off, small series and mass production. Supporting and coordinating the outsourcing of tools and prototypes, as well as testing and homologation.


Prototypes are often complex assemblies that are the functional and esthetical represenation of the final product. We make use of various rapid prototyping techniques for producing the  prototypes that can and will be extensively tested and that will give a clear indication of its final look and feel.


Based on rough ideas we can set up realistic looking sketches, as well as 2D or 3D animations that will help communicating the product to other people and/or potential customers.

3D printing + scanning

Our own 3D print and scanlab speeds up product development and helps in having real and direct representations of the projects we work on. 3D prints can be used for our prototypes, for showing you different design directions, marketing etc. 3D scanning is used for reverse engineering and packaging.


With out mobile VR hardware we bring your new business idea, innovation or final product into your office. Helping you in choosing the right concept direction, preferred ergonomics or final styling model. VR is fully integrated in our product development process and together with conventional prototypes ( people still like to feel and experience the real thing ) we work faster, more efficient and in a better way towards better products and make you an integral part of the process.

3D projection

3D projection is a technique for blending the virtual with the real world. Using physical prototypes or products we can change its skin by mapping the 3D Data  on the object. 3D projection can be used for your marketing, PR/advertisements or for presenting different design directions