creating things that work

driven by mobility

Steketee Design is a full service product development agency that loves mobility and can guide you through the total design process: from first sketches up to the final tooling of your products.

With almost 20 years of experience in the field of product design and a lean and minimalistic working method, we are an efficient and professional partner for your product development. Moving people and accelerating your business.

who is moving ?

integral product design

We strongly believe in a pragmatic, human and functional approach of developing new products.

From first sketches up to the final tooling of your products: concept, engineering and realization. 

creative,agile and efficient

We keep overhead to a minimum and combine high end CAD and design tools with passion and experience. That is how we are able to do big things with minimum man power.

Hands on craftmanship, on site product development and backed up by some outstanding partners and suppliers.  Moving your business in a unique and super efficient way!

see how we move it
Together we see were opportunities are and determine the innovation focus. the design directions, lead time and specific requirements , we start with the creative phase of the project and first ideas, sketches and principle solutions are born.
Making it work ! We take the chosen concept to the next phase: CAD, aerodynamic simulations, packaging, virtual reality, B-side engineering etc. Creating a product that’s easily producible, has a high quality standard and has a cost price that fits the requirements.
Steketee Design works together with specialized and prefered suppliers. We finalize solutions into feasible and aesthetically pleasing products and support and coordinate the outsourcing of tools and prototypes, as well as testing and homologation.

” creating big things. moving your business in a unique and efficient way “