creating things that work


We love mobility. Its in our DNA. By being mobile and working on-site, we have created an efficient and flexible working method for projects we like to work on.

And what we like, is lightweight design, cool looking transporters, smart products, green products, funny products, practical products, a Lotus Elise or Alpine A110 and much, much more of course. We hope to share this with you in the future.


Creating sucessful new products and adding value together with our clients and partners is what we are working for, day in and day out. We are honoured and proud to have won many different prizes with our developed products and are looking forward to win more in the future:


Steketee Design is an award winning creative design and engineering agency that envisions mobility and its clients central in the way we work. By working on-site as much as needed, we want to improve communication and efficiency, and create more valuable, personal and better relationships and products.

what we do


Developing for different sectors, brands and cultures gives us an open and well-founded base for every project. Whether it is for a one-off design special or a mass produced professional tool, we have the same passion and dedication for it. With a vast experience of working on projects for and on almost every continent, we like to open up horizons for your ideas.


For different kinds of projects we work together with

creative,agile and efficient

We keep overhead to a minimum and combine high end CAD and design tools with passion and experience. That is how we are able to do big things with minimum man power.

Hands on craftmanship, on site product development and backed up by some outstanding partners and suppliers.  Moving your business in a unique and super efficient way!