Apollo concept


mobile living in 2030

The Apollo concept is a vision on future mobility and living off the grid.

Having a house on wheels adresses to a lot of fundamental forces that move us like exploring our world.  A precious world that can be explored but is not owned. This was the starting point for developing an off the grid and sustainable pod that is combining living and moving.  Together with the University of Twente (NL) we researched if this was possible and what would be a futuristic solution for combining all the current trends on sustainability, electrification and digitalization.

The result is an aerodynamic, lightweight camper with a length of 6000 mm that can charge itself and move in summer time and be off the grid in winter time. A vision for future nomads and partially inspired by Peppa Pig ( give us a call and we ll explain why :))

off the grid

Its tripple solar roof gives it a total solar surface of 30 square metres for this 6000 mm long living pod. A XL, 8000 mm,  version would have 42 square metres. Powering the battery with appr. 30-40 kWh each day or more on a summer day. Stay on one location for a couple of days and charge the battery or live off the grid in Spain in wintertime.

For pleasing the hardcore adventurists , its platform design could have enough volume to give an extra dimension to its multifunctional character: sail.

Charge your batteries during the day and let it sail autonomously on a nice river while you are sleeping or enjoying the riverside.

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