Brabant Water


mobile water trailer

Brabant Water asked Steketee Design to develop a mobile water tap, that can hold 1000l. of water. This resulted in a uniquely shaped water trailer. Providing drinking water in a way that customers can still use the water tap once there is a shut-down or emergency situation. The water trailer is also used for PR events as a tapping and meeting point for thirsty people.

inspired by water

The design is based on a waterdrop falling down in the river. The wheelarches represent the rippling of the water when the drop is hitting the surface. Meanwhile their functional integration also works for homologating the trailer and making it road legal. The control-interface is hidden behind a rotating panel that illuminates with a blue color in the dark.


Besides its usage in emergency situations, the watertrailer can also be used for mobile filtration. Its graphene filter produces fresh and clean water, even when taken from dirty ditches. The modular tap water-ring at the back of the water trailer allows users to fill up their bottle with fresh drinking water. This way it transforms into a mobile meeting and resting point.

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