Calleche Panoramique


convertible minibus

Calleche produces convertible mini-busses. A patented and glass covered electrically operating roof gives passengers an unique experience without compromising to the Mercedes Benz standards.  The system is suitable for minibusses with a capacity from 8 to 32 persons.

Based on Mercedes CAD data, Steketee Design has developed the overall looks and a modular set of covers for the Mercedes Benz Sprinter conversions ( three different length and two different height versions ).

homologation tests

Making the construction stiff  and solid with a maximum opening was one of the major challenges. Without compromising to the looks in closed and opened position. A roll over test was done ( digitally ) and torsion and strength tests by tilting the vehicle under extreme angles. The vehicle is fully road legal and drives and behaves like a standard Mercedes.

summer time=cabrio-time

The Calleche Panoramique is one of its kind. Current tourist buses are either completely open or they have plastic covers that have to be manualy opened and closed. The Calleche Panoromique gives you a unique, comfortable and open experience when closed and by pushing a single button, it transforms in a huge cabrio.

award winning

The innovative system and its elegant and modular integration in existing vehicles was awarded with a Good Industrial Design award. A great achievement for a niche player in the automotive industry and a great recognition for all the hard work  and all the challenges that came with this project

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