Waaijenberg / Canta


redesigning a classic

The Canta is a 45 km vehicle which is specially designed to ensure the mobility and independence of people with mobility restrictions. This pure Dutch 45 km car is not a mobile car but belongs to the same category of vehicles as the scooter.

Steketee Design took care of the full body development of the vehicle. All parts are engineered using automotive standards and focus on assembly, tolerances and functionality.

Waaijenberg Mobiliteit

efficient teamwork

The chassis and body are designed and engineered according to automotive standards. This was done with a very compact team with a lot of attention for the ergonomics ( ease of entrance, visibility, spaciousnes ) , assembly, producability and servicing.

The result is a modern and very well build vehicle remaining its unique character and a true sucessor of a Dutch icon !

designed from scratch

The new Canta is completely developed from scratch. It is available in both an electric version as well as one with a combustion engine. The fully flat floor and wide rear door makes it possible to access the Canta with a wheelchair.


In close cooperation with R&D team of Waaijenberg, all the panels were designed and engineered for being thermoformed. Making them stiff were needed and formed when possible, the complete Canta was designed and engineered in 3D CAD, ready for production.

award winning

The new Canta proves to be a true and worthy successor. The design was awarded with a Good Industrial Design award. Customers like the new looks and improved ergonomics and quality perception. On the production side, Waaijenberg Mobiliteit has made a big step in assembly time and producability.

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