bus of the future

Movitas is a highly innovative, compact and agile electric bus that is modular build. Its available in tree sizes, 8.20, 8.95 and 9.70m and is completely focused on efficiency and flexibility.

Steketee Design was responsible for the complete development of the exterior and interior , including design, engineering and project management . In less than 2 years we made it from first ideas up to a working proto.


filling the gap

Current public transportation solutions are mainly focussed on either mass transition or personal transportation ( taxi’s etc). A compact and modular build city-transporter for both people and goods was conceptualised by Steketee Design in 2008.

Flexible capacity by having multiple transporters in rush hour on “hot-lines” and fragmented usage when demand is low , were they can be used for transporting goods and public transport in less accessible area’s.

innovative transportation

The modular and compact design of the Movitas makes it ideal for crowded city centres. Its lightweight construction features four wheel steering, a heat pump, well insulated double glazing , solar pannels on the roof, and a complete low floor.

Positioning its wheels at the corners of the bus, creates a fully flat floor for maximum flexibility in interior layout. The unique design of its double curved front and rear end gives it a friendly and compact look and considerably better aerodynamics than conventional bus designs.

award winning

Its innovative concept and the fact that has been designed from scratch by a super compact team, has been recognized by international jury’s. It participated and was nominated for an Automotive Innovation Award. In 2020 it  won the GIO Design Excellence Award

Automotive Innovation Award


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