Netras City-L


innovative city distribution

Development of the innovative and flexible distribution vehicle City-L together with Netras Mobile Systems BV. A unique vehicle for small cargo-loads.

Based on a standard Renault Master, a U-formed construction was designed and engineered. A standard container of 400x170x220 cm can be lifted from ground level up to a height of max. 140 cm.


Its unique U shaped chasis makes it posible to pick up and drop standard containers, platforms etc. A flexible, smart and efficient solution for inner cities with a time slot for entering specific area for instance. Or for use as a flexible motorhome were you can have your own tiny house been carried with you.

lightweight chassis

The containers are lifted using tree arms and can be lifted from ground level up to the height of docking stations of distribution centres. Its chassis is build with a tube frame, including air suspension and is being bolded 0n the cabin.

think, create and make

Steketee Design is responsible for the concept development, styling and engineering of the complete body. The Netras City-L was awarded with many international design awards because of its innovative concept.

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