Podbike Frikar


future mobility

The velomobile re-invented for the 21st century. Seating one adult and a child. With the same width as a regular bike trailer, you can use it wherever you would use a regular bike. But, no rain, your favorite music playing in the background, and sitting comfortably and safe while cruising to your work. A unique cross over from a bike and a car.

Podbike Frykar

design thinking

Design thinking is an integral part of the Podbike Frikar ebike, from road visibility, aerodynamic efficiency, comfort and sustainability. Unique design with lower air drag than a racing bike.

efficient engineering

In this great project , the complete development for the series was done remotely in “Corona-time”. We engineered the complete product in less than a year to series production with a very compact R+D team for both chassis and body and trim.


weighing only 90 kg and seating 1+1 person on 4 wheels, we pushed the body design and engineering to the limits. Easily producable, functional, lightweight and still looking good !

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