Vervaet Hydro Trike


release the beast

Vervaet is a Dutch company that produces the Hydro Trike. The hydro trike was originally developed together with and with the demand from contractors, who were experienced in handling slurry.

Steketee Design had the honour to design and engineer the new looks and plastic parts of their new Hydro Trike, resulting in an impressive and outstanding machine .


market leader

The Hydro-Trike of Vervaet, a so called selfpropelling slurry injector, is an icon in the agriculture market. For Vervaet the new design comes with a big forward leap and has put the company on the front edge in their market. The design and concept is very well received by its end users because of the fluent integration of form and function.

injecting design

The Hydro-Trike was the first result of the close cooperation between Vervaet and Steketee Design. It worked out as a great combination. Working on-site and learning about the machines,culture and know how and injecting design in the DNA of the company. One of the unique design features of the trike is the huge , rotating,  motorcover with integrated and self supporting stairs.

award winning

The new Hydro Trike is very well received in its market. Boosting sales and strengthening the brand. It was awarded with a Good Industrial Design award , as well with a special award of excelence for originality. Quoting the jury “… a very well designed product looking ready for being sent on a mission to Mars “

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