Vervaet Q-series


designing the brand

Vervaet has  introduced its brand new 4-wheel beet harvester on the Dutch ATH Agricultural show 2016: The Vervaet Q-series. First version is the Q-616. Where 16 stands for the volume of sugarbeats that can be harvested. The Q-621( coming soon ) is capable of transporting 21 cubic metre of sugar beats.

The machine is designed completely new from scratch. With  four wheels and the rear wheels having their own track to minimalise the pressure  on the ground.

V power !

Steketee Design is responsible for the brand new design and engineering of the exterior ( sheet metal and plastic parts ) of the Q-616.

With its dominant V on the rear door, the overall design is inspired on the recently introduced new Hydro-Trike to create a family look which emphasises the core values of Vervaet: strength, quality and robustness.

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