Vervaet Quad 550


Quad powerrrrrrr

Dutch agri company Vervaet has launched its latest innovative product: a lean ( and mean ) 4 wheeled slurry injector, the Vervaet Quad 550. Developed in top secrecy and putting all the passion and experience of both Vervaet and Steketee Design in it, we have created this almost 10 meter long powerhouse. With its massive and impressive grill to “air-fuel” the extremely powerfull Volvo engine, the new Quad will be an unmistakable Vervaet and a new star in the slurry injection business.

Steketee Design had the honour to design and engineer the new looks and plastic parts of this new quad, adding a new member to the Vervaet line-up and strengthening the brand identity. .


market leader

For Vervaet the new Quad comes with a big forward leap. Together with the existing Hydro Trike it has put the company on the front edge in their market. The design and concept is very well received by its end users because of the fluent integration of form and function.

injecting design

The Quad 550  is the latest result of the succesfull cooperation between Vervaet and Steketee Design. The strong wedge-shaped design empasizes its strength and dynamic behaviour and handling. The wedge is continued in the tank giving it a distinctive character compared with its competitors that have more or less conventional designed tanks.

award winning

The new Quad 550 is very well received in its market and also by design experts: it is awarded with a G100 award, as one of the 100 best designed products of 2022 with Dutch “roots”. A great honour and acknowledgement for all the hard work by both Vervaet and Steketee Design.

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