GVG combi-handle


multifunctional tool

At Groen Techniek Holland, GVG Oliehandel launched their brand new product, the combi-handle. This multifunctional tool makes filling gasoline and oil and carrying all the necissitities for the green professional as easy and flexible as it can be.


all in one unit

Steketee Design is responsible for the design, engineering, prototyping and realization of the product. In close colabaration with GVG we have worked hard to integrate all the different requirements into one attractive and functional product. Multiple productions techniques have been used, each fitting their specific function and posibilities


A lot of attention has been given to the prototyping of all the different concepts of each components. Droptest, user tests and feasability studies were done with a lot of machined, 3D printed, lasers sintered parts to make sure the product will work fine in daily routine.

everything at hand

This means no more transferring petrol from one can to another. This is safer and saves a lot of time and spillage. The oil bottle is easy to top up separately and then slide back into the Combihandle.

Want to work even faster? Then take a second full oil bottle with you to the sawing site! The Combihandle-Chainsaw has a holder for storage of two files, a spark plug wrench and the cap of the petrol jerry can. In the extra storage compartment you can also carry loose items such as a chain, flat file, spark plug or other tools.

award winning

The new GVG Combihandle is very well received in its market. Showing the innovative strength of GVG and extending their portfolio. It was awarded with a Good Industrial Design award , as well with a special award of excelence for ergonomics. Quoting the jury “… a simple, but very well designed product with great attention for user interface and safety “

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