creating things that work


full service

Design is personal. We want to be your full service partner in product development. Moving your business in a unique and efficient way.

Short and direct communication lines and overlooking the total process. Transforming ideas into products and shaping the future together.

Together we see were opportunities are and determine the innovation focus. the design directions, lead time and specific requirements . We start with the creative phase of the project and first ideas, sketches and principle solutions are born.
Making it work ! We take the chosen concept to the next phase: CAD, aerodynamic simulations, packaging, virtual reality, B-side engineering etc. Creating a product that’s easily producible, has a high quality standard and has a cost price that fits the requirements.
Steketee Design works together with specialized and prefered suppliers. We finalize solutions into feasible and aesthetically pleasing products and support and coordinate the outsourcing of tools and prototypes, as well as testing and homologation.

project management

Within the boundaries of the given project, we are a single point entry for the complete development from conceptual phase up to the final tooling of products. We plan and oversee tasks and milestones to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget.


Creating powerful stories and finding the right and unique path towards a succesful product. Together we see where changes are, how to be different, and define our innovation focus. Combined with our hands-on working method, this can lead to fast and great breakthroughs with a competitive advantage for your business.

advanced 3D modelling

Using the high-end Catia V5 CAD software we can define surfaces that will meet the highest (automotive) standards and remain flexible on a conceptual level. This all-in-one approach enables us to be creative, agile and efficient.


We make use of various rapid prototyping techniques for producing prototypes for testing, functionality and assembly checks. These will also give a clear indication of its final look and feel.


Based on rough ideas, we can set up realistic looking sketches, photorealistic 2D renderings or 3D animations . All to help communicate the product to other people or your potential customers.

3D scanning

We (can) use 3D scanning for reverse engineering and (3D) visualisation. Using different types of scanners, we can capture medium to large sized objects in a 3D model with high accuracy and efficiency.


With our mobile VR hardware, we bring your new business idea, innovation or final product into your office. It is fully integrated in our product development process, making size, ergonomics and aesthetics tangible in a cost-effective and efficient way.

creative,agile and efficient

We keep overhead to a minimum and combine high end CAD and design tools with passion and experience. That is how we are able to do big things with minimum man power.

Hands on craftmanship, on site product development and backed up by some outstanding partners and suppliers.  Moving your business in a unique and super efficient way!