G100 award for Podbike Frikar and Vervaet Quad

Both the Podbike Frikar as well as the Vervaet Quad 550 have received a G100 award.  The products that are selected  are not only relevant but also innovative and/or have exceptional styling. They have to be designed in the Netherlands by a Dutch Designer or for a Dutch company and may not be older ( market introduction) than 2 years

The Frikar and Quad 550 are showcased at the G100 Expo at the Dutch Design Week thats held in Eindhoven (NL) from 22-30 Oktober 2022. In Hal 3 of the Klokgebouw you can see an augmented reality representation of the 10 meter long Vervaet Quad and the ultra lightweight Podbike Frikar.

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Podbike Frikar

Vervaet Quad